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Bachelor-Master Theses

Bachelor/Master Thesis

Projects for Bachelor and Master theses are in the area of cognitive neuroscience (see our publication list for details). We would suggest that you contact us several months in advance before you intend to start your thesis. To get a glimpse on fMRI studies and the work of our group you are always welcome to volunteer for one of our experiments (see here).

Bachelor Candidates

If you are interested in a Bachelor's thesis we would strongly recommend to visit the Neurobiology module ("Grundlagen der Neurobiologie I und II). Of additional advantage is some knowledge of MATLAB. 

Master Candidates

Master students will perform an fMRI study in the area of attention, learning, audition or psychopharmacology under supervision of a lab member. Practical steps involve programming of an fMRI suitable experimental paradigm, scanning of volunteers in the fMRI scanner and statistical data analysis with the software package SPM. Prior experience in fMRI data analysis is necessary for fMRI studies! Note that we only take students who have completed one of our fMRI data analysis courses (offered currently in the winter and summer term) and have good MATLAB and statistic skills. Note that international students who cannot test volunteers in German need to have good statistics and MATLAB skills to focus on fMRI data analysis only.

Master students from other disciplines (physics, mathmatics, computer science) are also welcome. For those students we can provide data for modelling approaches.


Recently completed master theses in our lab

Luca Reinink (2020) A dementia screening test for the hearing impaired

Ulrike Fritz (2020) Relation of global cognitive performance, neural activity and connectivity in the elderly

Alina Schulte (2020) Effects of Audio-Visual Integration on Resting State Functional Connectivity in Age-Related Hearing Loss

Julia Pauquet (2019) Neural correlates of listening effort and cognitive load in age-related hearing loss

Dakota Smith (2019) The Effect of Age-Related Hearing Impairment on Audiovisual Integration – Neural and Behavioral Correlates

Madita Hölzer (2019) Neural Correlates of Episodic Memory: Piloting and fMRI Paradigm for Craniopharyngeoma Patients

Jella Voelter (2019) Interventional Enhancement of Physical Activity in Craniopharyngioma Patients: Measurable Effects on Behavioral, Physiological and Neuronal Parameters

Veronika Austrup (2019) Memory performance and social emotional abilities in patients with childhood onset craniopharyngioma –  a VBM study

Neele Eberlei (2019) Neural Correlates of Emotion Recognition: Piloting an fMRI Paradigm for Patients with Craniopharyngioma

Paula zu Klampen (2019) Abnormalities in Brain Networks Related to Apathy in Childhood-Onset Craniopharyngioma: A Resting-State Functional Connectivity Analysis

Christina Müller (2019) Nicotine Effects on Connectome-based Predictive Models during Sustained Attention

Melanie Spindler (2019) The influence of phantom pain on structural brain plasticity in upper-limb amputees.

Marie Dewenter (2019) Effects of age-related hearing loss and working memory – behavioural and neuroimaging correlates.

Kayson Fakhar (2018) Mapping the cortical processing of attended and unattended speech during selective listening using inter-subject correlation analysis.

Joana Laux (2018): Cognitive Control: An fMRI study with relevance to ADHD

Cecilia Diaz Luque (2018): Intensity-dependent Effects of Acute Aerobic Exercise on Response Inhibition: fMRI and Behavioral Evidence.

Tammo Viering (2018): Attentional effort in a sustained attention task. An fMRI study with healthy participants and a patient with ADHD.

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