Dr. Victoria Marin

Dr. Victoria Marin

Dr. Victoria Marin

Postdoctoral Researcher 

University of Oldenburg, Germany



Dr. Victoria I. Marín is Post-doctoral Researcher in the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences in the area of e-Didactics for the project "Forschungsbasiertes Lernen im Fokus plus" (FLiF+) at the University of Oldenburg (Germany). Previously, she worked as Associate Lecturer of the Department of Applied Pedagogy and Educational Psychology (2013-2016), as Researcher of the Educational Technology Group (2010-2016) at the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB, Spain) and as Associate Lecturer of the Faculty of Education at the International University of La Rioja (2015-2016). Her main educational background is Pedagogy (Degree), with the specialization in Educational Technology (Master and PhD).

She is Research Collaborator of the Group of Childhood Technology, Education and Diversity at the Institute for Educational Research and Innovation of the UIB and Member of the Association for the Development of Educational Technology and New Technologies Applied to Education (EDUTEC). She also collaborates with the National University of Austral Patagonia (Argentina) and Casa Grande University (Ecuador) in their Educational Technology Masters. Her research interests include, among others: personal learning environments, e-learning, social media in higher education, digital identity, teacher training, Web 2.0 for education, collaborative tools, e-Portfolios and learning design.


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