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Prof. Dr. Ulrike Feudel

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Universität Oldenburg, Campus Wechloy
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Kalel Luiz Rossi


Universität Oldenburg, ICBM,
OL Wechloy

Carl-von-Ossietzky-Straße 9-11
26111 Oldenburg

W15 1-105

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Kalel Luiz Rossi

Current Projects

I'm generally interested in using the theories of complex networks and dynamical systems to study important systems, particularly the brain. This has lead me to two main projects for my Ph.D.

Malleability of phase oscillator networks

Firstly, colleagues and I are studying the malleability of networks of phase oscillators. We are trying to understand the dynamics of these networks around their transitions to synchronization, during which large sample-to-sample fluctuations can occur which can make the system very sensitive to changes. This is motivated in part because the synchronization of phases of neural circuits is important for several healthy behaviors and neural communication in general.  

Metastability in neuroscience

Secondly, we are looking at metastability in neuroscience. Metastability is commonly viewed as a possible dynamical mechanism for the brain but has acquired in the field several conflicting definitions. We are currently trying to solve this issue by proposing a general, unifying, definition. After this, we intend on studying the dynamical mechanisms that can lead to metastability in neural circuits, and to work on tools and analysis for experimental data.

Open-source contributions

In parallel, I am also helping to develop open-source packages to be used in the study and analysis of dynamical systems and time-series analysis. You can check more about this in my Github page: github.com/KalelR.


R.C. Budzinski and K.L. Rossi, B.R.R. Boaretto, T.L. Prado, S.R. Lopes. Synchronization malleability in neural networks under a distance-dependent coupling. Physical Review Research **2**, 043309 (2020)

K. L. Rossi, R. C. Budzinski, B. R. R. Boaretto, T. L. Prado, U. Feudel, S. R. Lopes. Phase-locking intermittency induced by dynamical heterogeneity in networks of thermosensitive neurons. Chaos 31, 083121 (2021)

KL Rossi, BRR Boaretto, RC Budzinski. The role of synchronization in neural systems and their consequence to the neural behavior: Comment on “The growth of cognition: Free energy minimization and the embryogenesis of cortical computation”. Physics of Life Reviews 36, 68-70 (2021)

BRR Boaretto, Roberto C Budzinski, Kalel L Rossi, Thiago L Prado, Sergio R Lopes, C Masoller. Discriminating chaotic and stochastic time series using permutation entropy and artificial neural networks. Scientific Reports **11**, 15789 (2021)

B. R. R. Boaretto, R. C. Budzinski, K. L. Rossi, C. Manchein, T. L. Prado, U. Feudel, and S. R. Lopes. Bistability in the synchronization of identical neurons. Physical Review E **104**, 024204 (2021)

Boaretto, B.R.R.; Budzinski, R.C.; Rossi, K.L.; Prado, T.L.; Lopes, S.R.; Masoller, C. Evaluating Temporal Correlations in Time Series Using Permutation Entropy, Ordinal Probabilities and Machine Learning. Entropy **2021**, *23*, 1025 (2021)

RC Budzinski, BRR Boaretto, KL Rossi, TL Prado, Jürgen Kurths, SR Lopes. Nonstationary transition to phase synchronization of neural networks induced by the coupling architecture. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 507, 321-334 (2018)

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