Deep-Sea DOM Reference Material

Deep-Sea DOM Reference Material

DOM isolated from North Equatorial Pacific Intermediate Water (NEqPIW)

We share this marine DOM reference material with our scientific community.

Aliquots of 1 mg DOM (0.44 mg C) can be purchased for approximately €25.
Enquiries should be adressed to
Jeffrey Hawkes’ Group at Uppsala University. Here, you can also purchase a second marine DOM reference material (Tjärnö Marine Reference DOM) offered by Jeff Hawkes’ Group. Link for enquiries

In publications, please refer to as „Deep-sea DOM reference (Dittmar & Niggemann, ICBM, University of Oldenburg, Germany)”.

Solid-Phase Extract (SPE)

Deep-sea water from 674 m water depth, retrieved at station Nelha (Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority) in October 2009 (Green et al. 2014)

SPE via PPL (Varian, Bond Elut) according to Dittmar et al. (2008)

Extraction efficiency:   61 +/- 3 % of dissolved organic carbon (DOC)

Carbon content:   44 % (weight percent)


Dittmar T, Koch B, Hertkorn N, Kattner G (2008) A simple and efficient method for the solid-phase extraction of dissolved organic matter (SPE-DOM) from seawater. Limnology and Oceanography: Methods 6: 230-235

Green NW, Perdue EM, Aiken GR, Butler KD, Chen H, Dittmar T, Niggemann J, Stubbins A (2014) An intercomparison of three methods for the large-scale isolation of oceanic dissolved organic matter. Marine Chemistry 161: 14-19

Thank you to Matthias Friebe for excellent laboratory assistance with the DOM extractions and to Ina Ulber for accurate preparation of the aliquots.

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