Schleusenstrasse 1 26382 Wilhelmshaven

+49 4421 944-207 | intern: 8207

Joanne Yong

Research Focus

My research interest is the spatial and temporal patterns of microphytobenthos (MPB; benthic microalgae) communities on the backbarrier tidal flats of the East Frisian islands of Norderney, Spiekeroog and Wangerooge. The biomass, community composition, response to nutrient availability and patchiness, grazing susceptibility, as well as hydrodynamically-forced dispersal of MPB are studied. Together with our collaborators, we also aim to better understand algae-consumer (meiofauna and macrozoobenthos) trophic interactions both in the field and experimentally.  


Wadden Sea, Tidal Flats, Microphytobenthos, Experimental Islands, Ecosystem Functioning


DynaCom subproject 4 (SP4): Spatial and temporal microphytobenthos-resource dynamics in the German Wadden Sea; SP4 is funded by the German research foundation (DFG) and part of the larger interdisciplinary research consortium DynaCom (spatial community ecology in highly dynamic landscapes: from island biogeography to metaecosystems)

Short CV

M.S., Marine Environmental Sciences, University of Oldenburg, Germany, 2019

B.S., Industrial and Environmental Biology, Hochschule Bremen, Germany, 2015

Diploma in Molecular Biotechnology, Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore, 2009

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