Schleusenstrasse 1 26382 Wilhelmshaven

+49 4421 944-209 | intern: 8209



Anika Happe

Research Focus

My research focuses on understanding the effects of natural variability in temperature and nutrient availability on phytoplankton communities. For this, I conduct indoor and in-situ mesocosm experiments using natural freshwater and marine plankton communities.


Community Ecology – Phytoplankton – Variability – Climate Change – Stoichiometry – Mesocosms


2022 – AQUACOSM-Plus: European network of mesocosm facilities for research on marine and freshwater ecosystems open for global collaboration, EU Horizon 2020 funded project (e.g. see „SupOpTrons”).

Short CV

M.S., Marine Environmental Sciences, University of Oldenburg, 2021

B.S., Physical Geography and Landscape Ecology, University of Hanover, 2018

(Stand: 19.01.2024)  | 
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