Lucie Kuczynski


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Lucie Kuczynski

Lucie Kuczynski

Research Focus

I am a community ecologist. In particular, I am interested in how biotic interactions, environmental filtering and dispersal limitation as well as their interplays shape diversity and its variations across space and over time. My approach encompassed several diversity facets (e.g. functional, phylogenetic and genetic) and is integrative of spatial, temporal and taxonomic scales.


Assembly rules – Biogeography – Global changes – β diversity – α diversity – Null models


2020 – 2022 Synthesis of allometric and stoichiometric regulation of spatial dynamics – SP10 of Dynacom project funded by German Science Foundation (DFG) and has been developed in collaboration with the Wadden Sea National Park of Lower Saxony.

Three selected publications

Kuczynski, L.*, Côte, J.*, Toussaint, A., Brosse, S., Buisson, L. & Grenouillet, G. (2018) Spatial mismatch in morphological, ecological and phylogenetic diversity, in historical and contemporary European freshwater fish faunas. Ecography, 41, 1665–1674.

Kuczynski, L. & Grenouillet, G. (2018) Community disassembly under global change: Evidence in favor of the stress-dominance hypothesis. Global Change Biology, 24, 4417–4427.

Welti, E.A.R.*, Kuczynski, L.*, Marske, K.A., Sanders, N.J., Beurs, K.M. & Kaspari, M. (2020) Salty, mild, and low plant biomass grasslands increase top‐heaviness of invertebrate trophic pyramids. Global Ecology and Biogeography, geb.13119.

* Equal contribution

Short CV

2020 – 2022 Postdoctoral position – Oldenburg, DE

2018 – 2020 Postdoctoral position – Norman, OK, US

2014 – 2017 PhD in Ecology – Toulouse France

2012 – 2014 Master in Modelling in Ecology – Toulouse France

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