Research Areas

Research Areas

COER focuses on international research projects in the context of open education on three levels; global educational systems (macro), educational institutions (meso) and individual learning and teaching (micro). Research areas of particular interest are educational technology and learning design, open and distance learning, and international education.

The following table provides an overview of ongoing and potential research projects and activities. Research topics are closely linked to the process of digital transformation, which is the central interdisciplinary theme that is affecting all educational sectors from K-12 to higher education, adult and continuing education, in both formal and non-formal contexts.



Educational Technology & Learning Design

Open and Distance Learning

International Education


Sociology of science and research trends in the fields of educational technology, learning design, and distance education

International comparison of open and distance learning systems

International student and faculty mobility (regional hubs) in a digital age

International and transnational partnerships and collaborations



Design of online and flexible learning environments

Open Educational Resources (OER), and quality assurance

Prior Learning Accreditation and Recognition (PLAR)

Master of Technology-Enhanced Learning (MTEL) program

Organizational management of international staff and faculty



Media usage patterns of non-traditional students

Educational technology and student engagement in formal and non-formal contexts.

New and emerging pedagogies for technology enhanced learning

Biographies of non-traditional learners

Development of personal learning environments (PLEs) for lifelong learning

Learning and teaching in international contexts for diverse cultures and learners

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