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  • In case you only want to join for some days please indicate these days in the field 'further requirements', we need the information for catering
  • Just by selecting 'xy Room' in the field accomodation the room is not booked, you have to do this on your own. Some hints can be found at Venue, Travel, Accomodation.
  • Currently flights to Bremen can be pretty expensive, you may want to try Hamburg (HAM), Düsseldorf (DUS) or Hannover (HAJ)
As invited speaker you should use your personalized link given in the invitation, but you can also just indicate here, that you are invited
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We will help you with booking an accomodation for the time you stay in Oldenburg, so please specify your requirements.
We blocked a contingent of rooms in the City Hotel in Delmenhorst in the name of HWK. Please indicate here if you wish to get one of these rooms. (*)
Please indicate your requirements for support of travel costs, accomodation will be provided for invited speakers
Here you can indicate additional requirements or remarks

For organization, questions etc. please use the email hab201w17@imnhv9cbm.de4ln

Ulrike Feudel (ICBM, University of Oldenburg) ulrifgke.ggfersvf/udel(in1at)uol.kis6del1 (ulrikea7.femrjudel@uol.dnoke) +49 441 798-2790
Stefanie Moorthi (ICBM, University of Oldenburg) stefjdm0ani1ayye.mondorthi(atrbmn)uol.demz (steuwfanie.mooaztrthi@u8xol.de15xq) +49 441 798-8205
Matthias Schröder (ICBM, Technical support) maxitthias9/nnh.schroe+b/derfrz+(at) (matthias.stvychrodyede5geagr@uol.7hbeode) +49 441 798-3445

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