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Willführ KP, Klüsener S (forthcoming) Current "dramatically" high paternal ages at childbirth are not unprecedented.  Human Reproduction. doi:10.1093/humrep/deae067



Im Laufe seines freiwilligen wissenschaftlichen Jahres (2021-2022) am Institut für Sozialwissenschaften der Universität Oldenburg hat Felix Sajon die Shinyapp entwickelt. Die Shinyapp zielt darauf ab, Oldenburgs demographische Daten zugänglicher zu machen und zu visualisieren. Unter anderem soll ein Vergleich zu Europa hergestellt werden können, aber auch die Stadtteile untereinander vergleichbarer gemacht werden.

Further Achievements and Changes in 2022

We are proud to announce that in January of this year, Andreas Filser, doctoral student in our working group since 2016, successfully defended his dissertation on "Social consequences of imbalanced sex ratios" with "summa cum laude". Congratulations, Andreas! Andreas, in the meantime took on a postdoc at the Research Data Center of the Institute for Employment Research in Nürnberg. Also in the meantime, the working group succeeded in securing two additional grants: One is a research grant for the project "Establishing a health and contextual data inventory to facilitate interdisciplinary cross-border research" with Prof. Dr. Tobias Vogt and Prof. Dr. Viola Angelini at the University of Groningen. The project is funded with about 230.000 EUR and is part of the umbrella project "Comparison of healthcare structures, processes and outcomes in the Northern German and Dutch cross-border region II" with total funding of about 1.4m EUR, led by Prof. Dr. Lena Ansmann and Prof. Dr. Axel Hamprecht at the School of Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of Oldenburg. Funded by this project, we welcome Sophie Stroisch to the working group who will work on her dissertation on "The importance of social and economic context factors for health differences in the Dutch-German border region". Also, in 2022 we were granted close to 119.000 EUR for the teaching project "Curated Methods Teaching for the Flipped Classroom of the 21st Century" from the German Foundation for Innovation in University Teaching. The project aims at innovating statistics and methods training in the social science by combining curated digital contents with project and research based in-classroom teaching. Furthermore, Felix Sajon joined our working group as part of his Voluntary Scientific Year. Currently he works on an interactive and comparative dashboard to illustrated recent demographic developments in the region for decision makers and stakeholders in the region.

New Publication

Filser A, Willführ KP (2022) Sex ratios and union formation in the historical population of the St. Lawrence Valley. PLOS ONE 17(6): e0268039.

New Publication

Schnettler, Sebastian, and Anja Steinbach. 2022. “Is Adolescent Risk Behavior Associated with Cross-Household Family Complexity? An Analysis of Post-Separation Families in 42 Countries.” Frontiers in Sociology

Start of DFG-Project "Kinship effects or affected kinship?"

On the September 15th 2021, the DFG-Project "Kinship effects or affected kinship? – Investigating the functioning of family networks by their impact on adult mortality and fertility" (WI 4666/2-1) has started.

In the planned research project, in collaboration with colleagues from Canada, The Netherlands, and Sweden, the aim is to investigate functioning of family networks by estimating their effect on adult mortality and fertility using five different historical populations from Europe and North America. Click here to visit the project website.

New Publication


New Publication

Willführ, K. P., Eriksson, B., & Dribe, M. (2021). The impact of kin proximity on net marital fertility and maternal survival in Sweden 1900–1910—Evidence for cooperative breeding in a societal context of nuclear families, or just contextual correlations? American Journal of Human Biology, e23609.


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