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M.Sc. Thorge Haupt

PhD Student

  • Signal Processing
  • EEG
  • Machine Learning

Research Interest

My fascination with the brain started during one of my bachelor courses, where I was reading an article about the brain and realized that my brain is reading about the brain, and that I could understand the content (partly). This started my journey in neuroscience and my interest in studying the brain and how it dictates our behavior. Specifically, investigating the neural correlates of everyday interactions and how brain dynamics are affected by changes in the environment.  


In my PhD project I am working on analyzing data from longitudinal recordings that occurred outside the lab and finding an optimal solution for processing to determine how the brain dynamics change throughout the day. In particular, I am investigating how environmental, as well as internal state changes are impacting the processing of external auditory stimuli.

Education & Career


PhD Candidate at the Neurophysiology of Everyday Life (NELI) Group


M.Sc. Neuroeconomics, Maastricht University, Netherlands


B.Sc. Psychology, Tilburg University, Netherlands

(Stand: 29.05.2024)  | 
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