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Prof. Dr. Christoph Lienau

Institut für Physik  (» Postanschrift)

W02 3-318, Carl-von-Ossietzky-Str. 9 - 11 (» Adresse und Lageplan)

Di 11 - 12 Uhr

+49 441 798-3485  (F&P

vor 1995


Femtochemistry at high pressures.
C. Lienau, J. C. Williamson and A. H. Zewail,
in: Femtochemistry: Ultrafast Dynamcis of the Chemical Bond, Vol. I, Ed. A. H. Zewail, World Scientific Publishing, River Edge, NJ, USA, 1994.

Femtochemistry at high pressures: Solvent effect in the gas-to-liquid transition region.
C. Lienau and A. H. Zewail,
Chemical Physics Letters, 218 (1994) 224-232.


Femtochemistry at high pressures: The dynamics of an elementary reaction in the gas-liquid transition region.
C. Lienau, J. C. Williamson and A. H. Zewail,
Chemical Physics Letters, 213 (1993) 289 - 297.

Picosecond dynamcis of n-hexane solvated trans-stilbene.
C. Lienau, A. A. Heikal and A. H. Zewail,
Chemical Physics, 175 (1993) 171-191.


Photoisomerization dynamics of diphenylbutadiene in compressed liquid alkanes and in solid environment.
Ch. Gehrke, R. Mohrschladt, J. Schroeder, J. Troe and P. Vöhringer,
Chemical Physics, 152 (1991) 45 - 56.


Photoisomerization of diphenylbutadiene in low-viscosity nonpolar solvents: Experimental manifestations of multidimensional Kramers behavior and cluster effects.
Ch. Gehrke, J. Schroeder, D. Schwarzer, J. Troe and F. Voß
Journal of Chemical Physics, 92 (1990) 4805 - 4816.

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