Andrii Matviienko

Andrii Matviienko

I am a PhD researcher in the Media Informatics and Multimedia Systems Group at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oldenburg. My supervisor is Susanne Boll.

My interests in HCI field emerged during my master's studies at RWTH Aachen University. I was working on my master's thesis at the Media Computing Group and my topic was "GazeTouch: Using Gaze Tracking to Select Indirect Touch Targets", which can be found here. My supervisors were Simon VoelkerJan Borchers and Johannes Schoening.

My current research focuses on spontaneous and informal communication between remote work groups, representation of implicit communication cues via pervasive displays and interaction methods that enable shifts from implicit and explicit communication. I am also interested in the area of ambient light systems, their role in attention shift and arousal, and ambient user interfaces that combine visual, auditory, and tactile modalities.

Research projects

Aim of the research project LUMICONS is the systematic investigation of the use of light interaction in the everyday life of senior citizens who have light sensory and cognitive impairments. In a series of lab and field studies, the various parameters of light as such are examined systematically to what extent they are usable for the operation of light patterns and if they are perceived and accepted by the interface. From these investigations general patterns - called "Lumicons"- and design guidelines are derived for developing new, interactive systems which will be implemented to specific application scenarios.

The aim of the project SOCIAL is to explore possibilities to facilitate spontaneous and informal communication in spatially distributed groups by exploiting smart environments and ambient intelligence. We focus on the detection of situations with the potential for spontaneous informal communication, representation of  these situations appropriately to distant users and engagement in spontaneous and informal communication spanning multiple spatial locations.

The aim of the project Safety4Bikes is to develop modular assistance systems for cyclists in dangerous traffic situations by recognizing the dangers in the current traffic situation and point to the correct behavior. In the case of acute hazards in the immediate   vicinity or in potential danger situations, the system warns via     visual, acoustic, optical or haptic signals on the helmet or handlebars. The goal of the project is to explore which form of warnings are the most appropriate. In addition, the project aims to provide a communication interface to other road users to further improve safety.

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