Brian Breivik

Trainer and Editor

Career, Research Areas, and Projects

Brian Breivik is a Canadian expat whose career in education has spanned Europe, Asia and South America.  He completed a Masters in Distance Education at Athabasca University in 2019.  His interests in providing students with both academic and pastoral support, learning theories and instructional design in the Distance Education context were complemented by his extensive experience as a teacher-trainer in face to face education and as a mentor to other educators from diverse educational backgrounds and with diverse needs and interests.  He is a strong believer in peer teaching and learning, and takes a predominately social constructivist perspective to learning through discourse.  He has taught academic writing at college level, and supported many students to success by engaging them in the learning process through meaningful communication and encouraging the sharing of ideas.  He is a committed lifelong learner and excited by instructional design challenges in Distance Education, especially m-Learning, which he believes will not only continue to make education more accessible and affordable, but also afford the opportunity to engage in learning that is enhanced by not being restricted to location and in turn situation.

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