Dr. Kerstin Mayrberger

Dr. Kerstin Mayrberger


Kerstin Mayrberger has been a Professor of University Teaching and Learning with Digital Media at Universität Hamburg since 2014. She is working at the Hamburg Center for University Teaching and Learning (HUL) and was working at Universitätskolleg (UK Digital) until 2019. Kerstin Mayrberger holds an academic chair of Digitalisation of Teaching and Learning (DTL) at Universität Hamburg. Until 2019 she was a member of the steering commitee of the Hamburg Open Online University (HOOU).

Her research focuses on teaching and learning with digital media, particularly in formal education. Her areas of interest include blended learning and online-learning in higher education and especially open education, open educational practices and participatory learning. Kerstin Mayrberger has published several articles on participatory learning using social media, mobile learning, e-portfolio work, digital literacy or open educational resources and open educational practices in the context of open pedagogy and with link to agile education and lean learning. In 2019 she published a monograph with a framework of a participatory media education in the sense of a socio-constructivist view on the German understanding of the term didactics (German book title “Partizipative Mediendidaktik“) which can be named as a variety of an open pedagogy approach.

Previously, Kerstin Mayrberger was a Professor of Teaching and Learning with Digital Media and Media Pedagogy at the interdisciplinary Institute of Media, Knowledge and Communication at Augsburg University (2011–2014) and Assistant Professor of Teaching and Learning with Digital Media and Media Pedagogy at Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz (2009–2011). In 2007 she awarded her PhD for her dissertation on students’ collaboration with computers in student centered education (German: “offener Unterricht”) in German primary schools. She studied education at Universität Lüneburg and Universität Hamburg (1996–2002).


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