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First Summer School 2020

The 1. SEAS Summer School will take place virtually on 31. August and 1. September 2020.

The schedule is available here.

This meeting covers the main features of the RTG. The program is a mixture of talks given by the PhD students  and external keynote speakers.

We are very happy to welcome three international scholars giving keynote speaches.

Georg Wenzelburger

Professor for Policy Analysis & Political Economy, Political Science, Technical University Kaiserslautern

Georg Wenzelburger is Professor for Policy Analysis & Political Economy at the University of Kaiserslautern. In his research, he studies public policies from a comparative angle. In recent years, he has focused on law and order policies and the politics of welfare state reform. Since two years, Wenzelburger has started to investigate how algorithmic systems change the way public policies are made and implemented, mainly in the realm of criminal justice.

Georg Wenzelburger will give a keynote "How algorithmic systems transform public policy" on August 31st at 12:15-13:15.


Merim Bilalic

Professor for Psychology, Northumbria University, Newcastle/UK

Merim Bilalić is Professor of Cognitive Psychology at Northumbria University, Newcastle. He received his DPhil in Experimental Psychology from Oxford University, and has subsequently held research and teaching positions at Humboldt University, Brunel University, Tübingen University, and Klagenfurt University. His research on problem-solving biases in experts won the Award for the Outstanding Doctoral Research Contribution to Psychology from the British Psychological Society in 2008.

Merim Bilalić will give a keynote "The Neuroscience of Expertise" on September 1st  at 9:40-10:40.


Wendy Ju

Assistant Professor for Information Science, Cornell Tech, New York/USA

Wendy Ju is an Expert in Interaction Design and Mechanical Engineering. In her work, she explores how people interact with automated systems. Her particular expertise is in using design research to study interactions using physical and digital interfaces that implicitly communicate with users; this knowledge has wide-reaching application in the creation of robots, automated vehicles and consumer technology devices.

Wendy Ju will give a keynote “Interaction Research in the Age of the Pandemic” on September 1st at 15:20-16:20.

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