Muhammad Reza Faisal


Muhammad Reza Faisal

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ICBM Terramare
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26382 Wilhelmshaven

Muhammad Reza Faisal

Muhammad Reza Faisal, PhD candidate

Research Interests

Microbial Symbiosis in Marine Sponges

  • Links between the ecology and the microbiology of marine invertebrates
  • Marine Natural Products Research

Educatuonal Background

  • Master thesis at Bogor Agricultural University
    • Title: Anthelmintic potential of extracts from bacteria derived from marine sponges against parasitic nematodes in sheep
  • Bachelor degree from University Jenderal Soedirman (UNSOED), Purwokerto
    • Title: Antifungal activity of secondary metabolites produced by Actinomycetes derived from soft corals (Alcyoniidae, Gorgoniidae and Zoanthidae)

Research Project

            Now I am working in German-Indonesian antiinfective cooperation (GINAICO) Research Project which supported by DAAD "Biodiversity & Health" Scholarship Programme. My focus research is bioactive compounds from marine sponges exploration which provides as anti-infective agents.

Further Information on GINAICO Project

Researchgate Profile

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