Jana Dewenter (ongoing)

Tabea Hildebrand (ongoing)

Muhammad Reza Faisal (ongoing)

Joko Tri Wibowo (ongoing)

Elham Kamyab (2021) From Chemical Ecology towards Biotechnological Applications: A Study on Sea Cucumbers’ Derived Secondary Metabolites

Lars Erick Petersen (2020)

Samuel Nietzer (2019)

Mareen Möller (2019)

Stephanie Helber (2016) Understanding the role of sponges and/or their associated microbial communities in processing and converting coral-derived dissolved organic matter (DOM) to particulate organic matter (POM)

Nicole Schwartz (2016) Why are aliens so successful? Explaining the invasion success of Sargassum muticum

Georg Steinert (2015) Microbial diversity in marine sponges along spatial and temporal gradients

Göthel Qun (2013) Isolation and characterization of novel natural products from marine organisms: examples from three sponges, an alga, and a scleractinian coral



Valentina Di Mauro (2020): Master student in marine environmental science (German: Marine Umweltwissenschaften

Thesis title: Testing the effect of common organic solvents in developing ecotoxicological tests on adult corals applied for UV-filters in seawater: A cooperation project with BASF.

Ingo Miller (2020): Ecotoxicological tests of UV filters and related compounds on scleractinian corals of different life stages on Guam, USA; [finished Sep 2020]

Florian Piehl (ongoing) The nuissance sponge Pseudoceratina

Svenja Diester (ongoing) Adaptive capacity of corals to future climate change scenarios particularly ocean acidification and ocean warming

Franziska Curdt (2018) Influence of shading on the symbiosis of the cyanobacterium Synechococcus spongiarum and its sponge host

Marie Dankworth (2016) Hidden diversity in Arctic kelp beds       

Jonas Löb (2016) The effect of feeding pressure on the depth zonation of Fucus spp. On Helgoland

Arlena Durmeier (2015) Temporal monitoring of benthic community composition and coral-algae contacts as indicators for reef health at Koh Phangan, Gulf of Thailand

Fabian Heincke (2015) Activated bioactivities of extracts from the sponge Aka coralliphagum

Insa Stolz (2015) Physiological responses of Acropora tenuis to increased nutrient contents and turbidity

Rebecca Zitoun (2015) Mysterious behaviour: Effects of low and ambient pH on the preservation of aragonite shells of 'Sypharochiton pelliserpentis’        

Carolin Müller (2014) Biodiversity of Syngnathidae in relation to sea grass biodiversity

Julian Mönnich (2013) Targeted metabolomic investigation of the seaweed Ecklonia radiata in distinguishable states of environmentally-mediated disease

Carla Sardemann (2013) Primary production of benthic species under different light and nutrient regimes on a Caribbean coral reef

Samuel Nietzer (2013) The impact of various sedimentation rates on survival of Leptastrea purpurea recruits: A comparison of different age classes

Maren Möller (2013) Effects of sedimentation on early life stages of the scleractinian coral Acropora surculosa

Constanze Seidel (2012)  Untersuchungen zur Hemmwirkung von Extrakten verzweigter und unverzweigter Steinkorallen (Scleractinia) gegenüber marin pathogener Bakterien

Simon Sauer (2012) Allelopathische Effekte der invasiven Braunalge Sargassum muticum auf Fouling und Biofilme



Lena Blum (2020) Vergleich der räumlichen Variabilität der Makrofaunagemeinschaften im Eulitoral vor Norderney und Wangerooge

Melissa Hartkopf (2020) Nahrungsbeziehungen im Wattenmeer: Fraßraten und -präferenzen von  Limecola balthica und Corophium volutator über 13 Arten marinen Mikrophytobenthos

Yara Kobbe (2019) Biochemical activities of deep-sea Demospongia nd Hexactinellida sponges

Anna Lena Böger (2019) Evidence for tetrodoxin in the gastropod Pleurobranchaea maculata collected in the mesopelagic zone

Welf Wittenborn (2017) Cyanobacteria distribution in the sponge Chondrosia reniformis

Franziska Wöhrmann (2017) Effects of light-and coral competition on groth and secondary metabolism of the sponge Pseudoceratina sp.

Mascha Peters (2017) Tiefenabhängigkeit der Konkurrenzinteraktionen zwischen dem Schwamm Pseudoceratina sp. und der Koralle Porites sp.

Paul Grammel (2016) Altersstruktur der Schwammpopulation Xestospongia muta in Thailand

Franziska Sophie Sieburger (2016) Teredo navalis- Neozoe oder doch heimische Art?

Stefanie Haase (2015) Aged and children first! Challenges in the development of a new selectivity concept in trawl fisheries         

Kai Tomo Rude (2015) Fraßverteidungsstoffe von Stylissa massa

Marit Schütte  (2015) Fraßverteidungsstoffe von Stylissa massa

Johanna Meinecke (2015) Einfluss von Prädation auf die Tiefenverbreitung von F. vesiculosus

Miriam Lienkämper (2014) Allelopathische Interaktionen von S. muticum und F. vesiculosus (Helgoland)

Dina Biehn (2014) Allelopathische Interaktionen von S. muticum und H. siliquosa (Helgoland)

Jan Reimuth (2014) Einfluss von S. muticum auf die Benthosgemeinschaft der Austernbank

Kosmas Hench (2014) Analysis of the feeding deterrent effects of secondary metabolites of the Indo-Pacific sponge Stylissa massa

Sonja Haas (2013) Anti-feeding properties of three North Sea macroalgae against common crustaceans

Sina Valérie Schendekehl (2013) Feeding preferences of Littorina littorea concerning three dominant North Sea algae

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