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Andrea Göken

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Department für Informatik  (» Postanschrift)


We are always looking for interested Bachelor and Master students to pursue student projects and theses. You can find an overview of our topics in StudIP.

Furthermore, you are invited to propose your own topics that we can further discuss and refine. The following gives you an overview of potential research areas that are of interest.

  1. Developing sustainable information systems for the energy sector.
  2. Investigating the use of machine learning to support environmental decision-making.
  3. Studying the integration of sustainability into business operations.
  4. Examining the potential of ChatGTP to support sustainability efforts.
  5. Analyzing the role of digital platforms in promoting sustainability.

If you are interested in pursuing a topic in this area, which is not already listed in StudIP, we would be happy to discuss it with you further. Please contact Philipp Staudt to schedule a meeting and learn more about our research opportunities for Master's students.

We are actively encouraging joint publications based on the results of Bachelor and Master theses.

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