DFG-Project WI 4666/2-1: "Kinship effects or affected kinship? – Investigating the functioning of family networks by their impact on adult mortality and fertility"

Project Leadership & Data @ UOL, Germany

The Krummhörn region, 1720-1874, Germany

Data website: dbk.gesis.org/dbksearch/sdesc2.asp?no=8630&db=e&doi=10.4232/1.12643

The Krummhörn region has been in the focus of evolutionary informed research on human (reproductive) behavior for decades (a full list of publication can be found here: eckart-voland.de/pdf/KH-LIT.pdf). The population can be described an early capitalistic society with distinct social stratification which faced demographic saturation and almost no expansion possibilities. Landownership is known for many families and been shown to be a reliable proxy for the socio-economic status. The environmental conditions contrast sharply to those in Québec.

Kai Willführ's website  @ UOL

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