Olympus FV 3000 Confocal and FLIM system


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Prof. Dr. Anja Bräuer



Dr.  Vita Solovyeva

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Olympus FV 3000 Confocal and FLIM system

Confocal: The system is a standard inverted laser scanning confocal microscope with FLIM unit (fluorescence life time)

Excitation: The system is equipped with  7 cw diode lasers: 405nm, 445nm, 488nm, 514nm, 561nm , 590nm and 635nm.

Detection: Emission wavelength collection is flexible because of the TruSpectral detector system. The system is equipped with four Cooled Gallium Arsenide Phosphide (GaAsP) PMT detectors to maximize detection efficiency 

Olympus FV 3000

Objectives: 1.25x NA 0.04, 4x NA 0.16, 20x NA 0.8, 40x NA 1.4 oil, 30x NA 1.05 Silicon oil and 60x NA 1.3 Silicon oil.  Silicon oil objectives are suitable for live cell imaging because of the refractive index match.

Further features: The system features eg. multiple ROI selection, Macro-to-Micro Imaging, resonant scanner with scan speeds of up to 438 frames/s (512 x 512 pixels), xyz, xzy, xyzt, xzyt, and lambda scan modes (both excitation and emission).

To use the microscope you will need three trainings:

  1. lab safety training (S2) performed by Dr. Nicola Brand 
  2. Laser safety by
  3. Microscope training by  

Also users will need to bring their own lab coats to access the lab.

Samples should be the level S1 (no viruses and no infections).

The lab safety training is performed on a regular basis twice a year.



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