Brandus, Nicolae



Born on the 16th of April 1935 in Bucharest

STUDIES: National University of Music in Bucharest, where he studied piano (1952-1957) and musical composition (1960-1964). He attended the summer school courses of new music in Darmstadt (1969, 1970, 1972, 1974, 1978, 1980) and in Aix-en-Provence (1979). He defended his thesis in Musicology at the Music Academy in Cluj-Napoca, with the title “The basis of a Formal Analysis of a Musical Language” (1981). He worked with the Group of Musical Research from IRCAM-Paris (1985). The practice term was completed at GMEB (Bourges – France in 1995) when he accomplished the electronic musical work EXTASIS 256/n.

PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITY: Solo Pianist for the Philharmonic Orchestra in Ploieşti (l960-1969). Lecturer for the Chamber Music Department at the National University in Bucharest (1969-l981). Editor for the magazine „Muzica” in Bucharest. Professor for the Chamber Music Department at the National University of Music in Bucharest (1992- 2005). Doctoral supervisor at the National University of Music in Bucharest (from 1998). Consultant Professor (from 2005).
Member of the Romanian Composers and Musicologists Union in Romania. Member of the Music Authors, Composers and Editors Society (SACEM) – Paris. Member of the Executive Committee of the International Society of Contemporary Music (SIMC) (1991-1993). Chairman of the Romanian National Section of SIMC (1994-2002). Artistic Director of the World Music Festival Days 1999 of SIMC in Romania and the Republic of Moldova (Bucharest ,Cluj, Iași, Bacău, Timișoara, Chișinău).
his musical works were performed in the most important Romanian and foreign cities (Poland, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Sweden, Germany, USA, France, Belgium, Holland, Great Britain, Greece, Bulgaria, Austria, Denmark, Italy, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Albania, Slovenia, Macedonia, Israel and so on.
He wrote studies and essays on music published in various cultural newspapers and magazines; he also held as „visiting composer” lectures on new music in USA, Germany, Israel, Greece, Hong-Kong, Taiwan etc.

REWARDS and DISTINCTIONS: Cultural Merit, Bucharest: 1969. Mention of Honour at the International Contest Prince Pierre in Monaco: 1973. The Prize awarded by the Romanian Composers and Musicologists: 1974, 2002, 2005 2022. The Prize for Opera and Vocal-Symphonic Music awarded by the Romanian Radio Broadcasting: 1975, 1977. The „George Enescu” Prize awarded by the Romanian Academy: 1977. The Diploma for the theatre show “Bizarmonia”, awarded by the Theatre National Festival: 1999, Bucharest. „Cultural Merit” in the rank of officer: 2004, Bucharest.



Phtora I – Durations for „n” orchestral groups
Duration: 15'30''
First Audition: the 10th of May 1973: Bucharest, Romanian Radio Broadcasting Orchestra (conductor Emanuel Elenescu)
Instruments: 3(2), 3(1), 3(2), 3(2); 4, 3, 3, 1; mrb., xlb., vibr., sil., camplli; 2 org. el., pf., arpa; perc.I – timp., w.block, mrc., cst., sonagli, trgl., ptti; perc.II – t-tam, gong, ptti, t-rino; perc.III – 3 t-tom, gr. c., c-ci, trgl., ptti; string quintet.
Recording: Bucharest, UCMR-ADA OA 1036, 2000
Music for Chamber Music Orchestra (1968)
Duration: 20' (aprox.)
Ensemble: string orchestra, 4 clarinets, piano, electronic organ
First audition: 1971, Ploiești Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor Eugen Pricope
Antiphonia – for String Orchestra (1971)
Duration: 11'
First audition: 1971: Zagreb, Biannual of Contemporary Music, Chamber Music Orchestra from Cluj-Napoca (conductor Mircea Cristescu)
Instruments: 9 v-ni, 4 v-le, 3 v-celli, 2 cb
Recording: Bucharest, Electrecord ST-ECE 02947, 1984
Match II – Monody I and Polyphony IV for Chamber Music Orchestra and Magnetic Tape (1973)
Duration: 18'45''
First Audition: September 1973: „Toamna varşoviană” (Warsaw Autumn) Festival, Chamber Music Orchestra „Ars Nova” from Cluj-Napoca (conductor Cornel Ţăranu)
Instruments: Version I: magnetic tape, folkloric collage, 2 percussion; rag., w-block, cst., ptti, frusta, t-tam, sonagli, mrc. Version II: fl., ob., cl. (cl. bas), fg (c-fg.), trp., trb., horn, piano, harp, 2 perc., violin, viola, cello, ctrb., b.m. (version I)
Recording: Bucharest, ELECTRECORD ST-ECE 02947, 1984; Bucharest, Music 2001, CD--4AF232508158, 2004
DIALOGOS/DIVAGUES– concert I for piano and orchestra (1978)
Duration: 26'
First audition: May 1979: Iaşi, „Moldova” Philharmonic orchestra (conductor Ion Baciu, soloist Şerban Dimitrie Soreanu)
Instruments: 2+1, 2+1, 2+1, 2+1; 4, 3, 3, 1; 4 timp., 3t-tom, 2 t-tam, tamb., picc., tamb. Mil., 4 bgs, 3 t-block, 3 w-block, 4 c-cci, 2 trgl., rag., mrc., cst., frusta, guiro, 3 ptti, gong, camplli, camp., vibr., mrb., cel. (8-10 perc.); harp; archi; piano solo
Recording: Bucharest, ADA-UCMR, Author CD 03L065030, 2003 (National Radio Orchestra, conductor Cristian Brâncuşi, soloist Cristian Niculescu)
Music Scores (pag.1)
Concert II for piano and orchestra (1990-1993)
Duration: 29'
First Audition: 1995: Chişinău, New Music Festival, Chişinău Philharmonic Orchestra (conductor Valentin Doni, soloist Inna Oncescu)
Instruments: 2,2,2,2; 4,2,2,1; 4 timp., perc. 1,2; archi; piano solo
Recording: Bucharest, ADA-UCMR, CD de author 03L065030, 2003 (Chamber Music Radio Orchestra, conductor Cristian Brâncuşi, soloist Inna Oncescu)
SIN EU PHONIA I – symphony for magnetic tape, 2 organs and orchestra (1986-1988)
Duration: 32'
First Audition: April 1994: Chişinău, New Music Festival, Chişinău Philharmonic Orchestra (conductor Dorel Paşcu-Rădulescu)
Instruments: 2+1, 2+1, 2+1, 2+1; 4, 3, 3, 1; 4 timp., perc.1, 2, 3; orga 1,2; archi; magnetic tape
Recording: Bucharest: National Radio Broadcasting Orchestra (conductor Cristian Brâncuşi)
European Parody (2000)
Duration: 11'
First audition: October 2000: Timişoara, „Banatul” Philharmonic Orchestra (conductor Remus Georgescu)
Instruments: 3333; 4 3331; 3perc.; strings
Tubulatures – for fl. orchestra(2003)
Duration: 15'
First Audition: the 8th of March 2003: OFF (French Flutes' Orchestra) conductor Pierre Alain Biget
Instruments: 6 fl. picc, 6 fl. in C, 5 fl. in G, 5 bass fl., 2 octobass fl.
Music Scors (pag.1-2)
Transcendentals Studies (2012)
Duration: 25-28' (aprox.)
Ensemble: fl, ob, cl, fg, horn, trp, trb, tuba, 3-5 perc., piano, vibraphone, strings bass solo
First audition: Festival SIMN Bucharest 2014, Orchestra PROFIL, conductor Tiberiu Soare
Testament (2020)
Duration: 25 – 28' (aprox.)
Ensemble: bass-baritone solo, choir mixt, strings orchestra, organ, piano & prepared piano, celesta, harp, percussion (3-4 sonators).
Apocalypse 12 (2000)
Duration: 12'.
Ensemble: wind orchestra (26 instruments), organ (electronic), tape (electronic medium), percussion


La Țigănci – With the Gypsy Girls- opera based on Mircea Eliade’s short story (1978-1985)
Duration: 1H 40'
First audition: the 19th of June 1987: Bucharest, Studio and Choir Radio Orchestra (conductor Ludovic Bacs; choir conductor Aurel Grigoraş; Percussion Ensemble from Cluj-Napoca conducted by Grigore Pop)
Instruments: 2, 2, 2, 2; 4, 2, 2, 1; harp; 2 pianos; perc. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; archi; cor mixt; vocals: baritone, bass, baritone, tenor, mezzo-soprano, alto, soprano; 3 ballerinas
Recording: Bucharest: Disc ELECTRECORD ST-ECE 03528/03529, 1988
Tarr & Fether – opera based on E. A. Poe’s story Metoda Doctorului Catran și a Profesorului Pană (The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether)  (2003-2009)
Kitsch-N – instrumental theatre for clarinet (flute or saxophone) and magnetic tape (1974)
Duration: 18'
First audition: September 1979: „Toamna varşoviană” (Warsaw Autumn) Festival (Florian Popa clarinet)
Recording: Bucharest: Disc ELECTRECORD ST-ECE 01693, 1980
Infrarealism – instrumental theatre for clarinet, voice and piano based on Ion Barbu’s poem (1975)
Duration: 17'
First audition: September 1981: „Toamna varşoviană” (Warsaw autumn) Festival (Florian Popa – clarinet, Cristian Mihăilescu – voice, Tatiana Popa – piano, Octavian Greavu – director)
Music Scores (pag.1-4)
Languir me fais – instrumental theatre for 1 percussionist on folk verses (1979)
Duration: 15'
First audition: 1981: Cluj-Napoca (Grigore Pop – percussion)
Published: Bucharest: Musical Publishing House, 1986
Prolegomena I, II & III „Dănilă Prepeleac” – instrumental theatre for tenor and piano or for bas and double bass and clarinet bas based on Ion Creangă’s adapted text (1981-1995)
Duration: 16'
Ouvedennerode – instrumental theatre for sax double bass and magnetic tape based on Ion Barbu’s poem (1993)
Duration: 12'
Bizarmonia – instrumental theatre for 6 performers & magnetic tape
Duration: 1h
First audition: 1998: Bucharest, Group „PRO Musica Nova”, Raluca Ianegic (choreography ), Laurenţia Barbu (solo ballerina), Alexandru Tocilescu (stage director).

Ornitorinc (Platypus)– pocket micro-opera (2015);
Duration: 25' (aprox.)
First audition: Bucharest, MERIDIAN 2017 Festival – Lavinia Cherecheș (mezzo soprano) & Diana Barb (piano)
Published: UNMB PUBLISHING HOUSE 2018, Bucharest
Text: Mihai Eminescu.

Domnişoara Hus (Misses Hus) – cantata on Ion Barbu’s verses (1968)
Duration: 20'
First audition: the 12th of February 1970: Bucharest, Radio Broadcasting Orchestra (conductor Emanuel Elenescu)
Instruments: 3(1), 3(1), 3(1), 3(1); 4, 3, 3, 1; piano, celesta, vibraphone, 2 glock, campane, silorimba, timpani, perc. 1,2,3,4,5 (usual instruments); archi; 3 solo voices (bass-baritone)
Published: Bucharest: Musical Publishing House, 1977
Recording: Bucharest: Disc ELECTRECORD ST-ECE 01924, 1977 and ADA-UCMR 03L065030, 2003 („Moldova” Philharmonic Orchestra conductor Ion Baciu; soloists Ion Budoiu, Pompei Hărăşteanu, Lucian Marinescu)
Strigoii (Logodna)/ Mihai Eminescu – pantomime-opera (1964-1966)
Duration: 45'
First audition: the 9th of  January 1975: Bucharest, Radio Studio Orchestra (conductor Ludovic Bacs)
Instruments: Ensemble I – 2(1), 2(1), 2(1), 2(1); 4, 3, 3, 1; organon; org. el., mrb., timp., 4 c-cci, t-tam, tamb.basco, gong, 3 ptti; string quintet; mixt choir, soloists: soprano, tenor, baritone; reciter; magnetic tape. Ensemble II: 2(1),1(1), 2(1), 2(1); 4,2,2,1; harp, sil., camplli, 4 c-cci, 3 legno; 4 t-tom, timp., t-tam, gong, 2 ptti, t-rino, gr. c., tamb. picc., 2 mrc., string quintet; mixt choir; solo soprano; magnetic band. Ensemble III: 2(1),1,2,2(1); 4,2,2,1; harp, vibr., sil., camplli, timp., 4 c-cci, 3 legno, 4 t-tom, t-rino, t-tam, gong, 2 ptti; string quartet; mixt choir; solo soprano; magnetic tape
Published: Bucharest: Musical Publishing House, 1981

Ballad-Symphony : I. Pintea Viteazul (1964) II. Voinicul şi Calul (The Brave and the Horse) (1978) III. Gheorghilaş (1978)
Duration: 28'
First audition: 1964, 1979: Târgu Mureş, Symphonic Orchestra (conductor Remus Georgescu); Bucharest, „George Enescu” Philharmonic Orchestra (conductor Mircea Basarab)
Instruments: 1, 1, 1, 1; 1, 1, 1; timp., perc. I – gr.c., trgl., camplli, frusta, w-block, perc. II – sil., pf.; harp; string quintet; mixt choir; soloists: tenor, baritone
Oratory for Men Choir, Tenor and Solo Soprano, Electronic Music- based on texts from the Gospel of Thomas (1998)
First audition: 2002: Bucharest, Radio Choir (conductor Dan Goia; soloists Liana Podlovski and Marian Someşan)

Pieces for piano (1961)
Duration: 10'
Published: Bucharest: Musical Publishing House, 1964
Ostinato for piano solo (1962)
Duration: 8'
Published: Bucharest: Musical Publishing House, 2003
Sonata for 2 pianos (1963)
Duration: 14'
Published: Bucharest: Musical Publishing House, 1978
Seven Psalms for Baritone, Piano and Percussion on Tudor Arghezi’s verses (1965)
Duration: 20'
Published: Bucharest: Musical Publishing House, 1969
Recording: Bucharest: Disc ELECTRECORD ST-ECE 02947, 1984
Cantus-Firmus (PHTORA III) for keyboards instrument(s) and „n” other instruments (voices) (1970)
Duration: 15' apr.
Recording: Bucharest, Muzica 2001, CD--4AF232508158, 2004
Vagues for piano, violin, viola, cello, clarinet and percussion (1972)
Duration: 13'
First audition: July 1972: Darmstadt, Ferienkurse fur Neue Music, Ensemble „Musica Nova” – Bucharest
Published: Bucharest: Musical Publishing House, 2005
Recording: Attacca Babel Holland: CD.9265-4 ADD, 1992
Melopedia & Fugue for solo bassoon (1981)
Duration: 5'
Published: Bucharest: Musical Publishing House, 1998
Rhythmodia – concert for solo percussion (1982)
Duration: 18'

Published: Bucharest: Musical Publishing House, 1989 and Zurich: Carciofoli Verlagshaus, CH 1994
Musical scores (fragment)
Sakspirales pour Kientzy (1989)
Duration: 15-17' (aprox.)
Instruments: sax. soprano, sax. alto, sax tenor
K-N-Comment – 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 for fl. or clar,or sax,or oboe (at least two instruments) & magnetic tape
Duration: 8'
Madrigals & Drums – for MS, flute, piano and percussion (2001)
Duration: 15'
First audition: May 2001, Bucharest, „Trio Contrast” Timişoara
Bowstring – for solo violin (2002)
Duration: 15'
First audition: December 2002, Bucharest (Diana Moş – soloist)
Published: Bucharest: Musical Publishing House, 2005
Fatum (2013)
Duration: 15' (aprox.)
Ensemble: 6 clarinets: cl. picc. mi bemol, cl. si bemol, cl. alto mi bemol, bass horn in fa, cl. bass in and bemol, cl. c-bass in si bemol
First audition: MERIDIAN Festival – Bucharest, 2017 Performers: Ensemble CLARINO, conductor Emil Vișenescu
Sursum Corda (2015)
Duration: 15-17' (aprox.)
Ensemble: solo cello
First audition: ZMC Festival Bacău 2016 – Anca Vartolomei -cello solo
Published by Musical Publishing House, Bucharest, 2015. ISMN 979-0-707656-02-0

Glossa (2016)
Duration: 25' (aprox.)
Ensemble: violin and piano
First audition: ZMC Festival, Bacău 2018 – Performers Diana Moș & Mihai Măniceanu
Published by UNMB Publishing House 2018-ISMN 979-0-tot661-00-0
CD Recording: Diana Moș – Quanta, Licence UCMR-ADA R19AFO23010143/02./02019, Series RNF nr 18668/04.10.2019
Theme with Variations & Ostinato (Diptych) (1963, rev. 2018)
Duration: 15-18'
Ensemble: Piano solo
Published by UNMB Publishing House 2018 – ISMN 979-0-9009882-9-4
Archaeusursum (2020)
Duration: 17min
Ensemble ARCHAEUS, Bucharest: violin, cello, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, piano, percussion


Soliloque I – play back (1971)
Recording: Bucharest, Music 2001, CD--4AF232508158, 2004, Hyperion Ensemble (conductor Iancu Dumitrescu)
Soliloque II „Jubilatio” – play back (1983)
Soliloque IV „Reverberations” – play back (1984)
SIN – Euphonia (1986)
Duration: 32'
First audition: the 18th of March 1987: Bucharest
Recording: Bucharest, Muzica 2001, CD--4AF232508158, 2004, Traiect Ensemble (conductor Sorin Lerescu)

EKSTASIS 256/n (1997)
Duration: 13' 30 ''
First audition: the 9th of May 1997: Bourges

Eight Madrigals for choir a cappella – folk verses (1968)
Published: Bucharest: Musical Publishing House, 1972
From Children’s World – for Children Choir (1980)
Duration: 7'

Nine Miniatures for Piano and Five Miniatures for Violin and Piano
Published: Bucharest: Conservatory Lithography, 1980
Three Pentatonic Pieces (Trio Sonatina) for fl.(ob.,cl.,trp.) and piano (1982)


Author CD Nicolae Brânduș MVCD 063, UCMR-ADA, 2003
(Dialogues – Concert no.1 for piano and orchestra, Radio National Orchestra – conductor Cristian Brâncuşi, soloist Cristian Niculescu; Mam'sell Hus, Philharmonic Orchestra „Moldova” Iaşi – conductor Ion Baciu, soloists: Ion Budoiu, Pompei Hărăşteanu, Lucian Marinescu; Concert no.2 for piano and orchestra, Radio Chamber Music Orchestra – conductor Cristian Brâncuşi, soloist Inna Oncescu).

Author CD Nicolae Brânduș „Ars Inventia” (2004), licence UCMR-ADA, 4AF232508158, Music 2001: Match II for Ars Nova (Cluj)Cantus Firmus I, II and III, Soliloque I and IV (Ensembles: MusicaNova București, 3+ Bucharest, WMW Warsaw, Hyperion and Traiect Bucharest).

Author CD Nicolae Brânduș „Chamber Music” (2006), licence UCMR-ADA nr.6AF12250453, Star Media Music: Seven Psalms (Vasile Micu baritone, Nicolae Brânduș piano), Ostinato (Cristian Niculescu piano), Vagues (Musica Nova Bucharest), Bowstring (Diana Moș violin), Kitsch-N (Florian Popa Clarinet).

Author CD Nicolae Brânduș „Symphonic Music” (2010) licence UCMR-ADA no. R10AF033006128, Star Media Music: Phtora I (Radio National Orchestra, conductor Emanuel Elenescu), Rhythmodia (Doru Roman percussion), Tubulatures (Orchestre de Flûtes Français, conductor Pierre Alain Biget), SINEUPHONIA I (Radio National Orchestra, conductor Cristian Brâncuși).

The Anthology of Romanian Music – two CDs
Composer Portrait NICOLAE BRÂNDUȘ
Opera „La țigănci” / Mircea Eliade (Act 1, Act 2, Epilogue)
Cantata „Domnișoara Hus” / Ion Barbu
Musical Publishing House, Romania 2020, Licence UCMR-ADA R20AF233007030, Series RNF No. 3182/30.07.2020

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