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MATRE TEMPUS Joint Project

Modernizing Academic Teaching & Research Environment in Business & Economics at Lebanon and Syria.

Project Summary

This project contributes towards modernizing the higher education sector in LB/SY by supporting the “Higher Education & Society” TEMPUS programme theme. This will be realized by establishing 2 centers for international quality research & sustainable curricula development in the Business, Economics & Management fields at MUBS (LB) & AIU (SY) to lead the research environment development in cooperation with LB/SY universities (LU&IUST), business representatives & similar centers in EU & neighboring countries.

 The specific objectives come in 4 main folds (research, teaching, knowledge triangle & policy related objectives):

  1. To boost research environment & promote research culture at MUBS/AIU Faculties of Economics & other LB/SY business faculties & institution. This will be realized by capacity building & creating networks with EU counterparts for exchanging knowhow & good practices
  2. To promote modernization of curricula & teaching skills & methods in the field of Business, Economics & Management at MUBS/AIU & other LB/SY faculties in accordance with the EU experience by organizing related training courses & seminars
  3. To set & operate knowledge triangle (education, innovation, research) in LB/SY by engaging business sector representatives in project activities to facilitate the strategic linkage between research & industry current & future needs
  4. To propose policies & regulations in order to improve the research & teaching environment in the field in LB/SY.

A wide range of outcomes & outputs will result from MATRE. The project produces the following principle outcomes/outputs:

  1. A situational study of academic & research environment at MUBS/AIU
  2. The establishment of the centers
  3. Bonds strengthening & networks with LB/SY business & industry
  4. Preparing TOT & running training courses, reviewing & proposing the contents of new curricula
  5. Compiling & producing centers’ resources & databases
  6. Suggesting a national policy paper & a plan for future centers’ sustainability.

Project Partners

Partner Countries

  1. Lebanon
  2. Syria

Partner List

  • Oldenburg University (Applicant)
    Oldenburg, Germany
  • Universidad de Alicante (Partner)
    Alicante, Spain
  • Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (Partner)
    Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Modern University for Business and Science (Partner)
    Damour, Lebanon
  • Lebanese University (Partner)
    Beirut, Lebanon
  • Arab International University (Partner)
    Daraa, Syria
  • International University for Science and Technology (Partner)
    Ghabageb, Syria
  • Syrian Consulting Bureau for Development & Investment (Partner)
    Damascus, Syria

Project Timeline

Start date: 01.12.2013

End date: 30.11.2016

Further Information


Prof. Dr. Jorge Marx Gómez and Waad Assaad

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