Lars-Erik Petersen

Lars EriK Petersen

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ICBM Terramare
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Lars-Erik Petersen

Lars-Erik Petersen, PhD-candidate

Research Interests

Chemical ecology and natural product chemistry

  • ­Links between chemistry and microbiology of marine macro- and microorganisms
  •  Effects of environmental variability (e.g. increasing sea surface temperature and decreasing seawater pH) on the production of secondary metabolites from holobionts

Research Project

I am participating in the interdisciplinary PhD Research Training Group “EcoMol” (“The Ecology of Molecules”) which is supported by the Ministry of Science and Culture of Lower Saxony. Within the EcoMol project, I will investigate the role of bacteria and holobiont signaling molecules in coral settlement processes. The aim of my project is to achieve a deeper understanding concerning the importance of Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM), as it serves as signaling compounds among organisms belonging to different kingdoms (e.g. plantae, animalia, bacteria).



Microbiology: isolation and cultivation of bacteria and fungi from marine samples

Molecular Biology: DNA extraction, PCR, sequence analysis

Chemistry: extraction, HPLC-DAD, mass spectrometry, dereplication, bioactivity screening

Biotechnology: fermentation, scale-up, Design of Experiments (DoE)



  • Research assistant at GEOMAR Kiel, Marine Natural Product Chemistry


  • Employee at MicrobiMaris Biotec GmbH



  • M.Sc. in Biotechnology, University of Applied Sciences Flensburg
  • Master thesis at GEOMAR Kiel, Marine Natural Product Chemistry „On Zostera marina associated microbes: Secondary metabolite profiles and biotechnological potential“.


  • B.Sc. in Biotechnology, University of Applied Sciences Flensburg
  • Bachelor thesis at GEOMAR Kiel, Marine Microbiology „Biotechnologie mariner Mikroorganismen: Optimierung der Herstellung eines antibiotisch aktiven Naturstoffes mit einem marinen Pseudomonas-Stamm“.
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