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PD Dr. Erhard Rhiel

Research focus

I'm generally interested in the ultrastructure of protists, i.e. unicellular algae, and investigate distinct organelles and proteins mainly by the use of biochemical methods and electron microscopy.


Protists - Algae - Ultrastructure - Projectile Organelles - Electron Microscopy

Selected Publications

Rhiel, E., Nguyen, T., Wöhlbrand, L., Rabus, R. 2020. A simple protocol for the isolation of proteorhodopsins of the dinoflagellate Oxyrrhis marina. Journal of Basic Microbiology 60: 351-361

Rhiel, E., Wöhlbrand, L., Rabus, R., Voget, S. 2018. Candidates of trichocyst matrix proteins of the dinoflagellate Oxyrrhis marina. 2018. Protoplasma 255:217–230

Ammermann, S., Schneider, T., Westermann, M., Hillebrand, H., Rhiel, E. 2013. Ejectisins: tough and tiny polypeptides are a major component of cryptophycean ejectisomes. Protoplasma 250: 551-563

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