New OER: Experiences in Self-Determined Learning

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New OER: Experiences in Self-Determined Learning

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Experiences in Self-Determined Learning is now available as a free PDF file through the Center of Open Education Research (COER). This OER presents the experiences of researchers and educators around the world who are engaging in the educational practice of self-determined learning, or heutagogy. These experiences come from a wide variety of learning environments ranging from secondary school education and higher education to workplace learning, consulting, lifelong learning, training, and community education. Full of links to resources, curated sites, and discussion forums, this is a valuable 'how to' book for educators interested in realizing self-determined learning in practice.

Download the free PDF here!

A paper copy of the book continues to be available over Amazon.Com for a fee, with all proceeds donated to educating children in Africa through Buy1 Give 1:

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