Aspect'22: Talks and participants

Updated on September 19, 2022

Invited talks

  1. Lucas Chesnel (Paris, FR), Acoustic passive cloaking using thin outer resonators (abstract)
  2. Pavel Exner (Prague, CZ), Spectral properties of quantum graphs violating the time-reversal invariance (abstract)
  3. Jérémy Faupin (Metz, FR), Spectral decomposition of some non self-adjoint operators (abstract)
  4. Nadine Große (Freiburg, DE), Boundary value problems on domains with cusps
  5. Bernard Helffer (Nantes, FR), Computing nodal deficiency with a refined spectral flow (abstract)
  6. Mirela Kohr (Cluj-Napoca, RO), Boundary value problems and spectral theory on manifolds with boundary and cylindrical ends (abstract)
  7. Pier Domenico Lamberti (Padova, IT), Spectral stability of Maxwell’s equations on varying cavities (abstract)
  8. Olaf Post (Trier, DE), Norm resolvent convergence in varying spaces: different concepts and examples (abstract)
  9. Guido Sweers (Cologne, DE), On fourth order elliptic problems and domains with corners (abstract)

Accepted talks

  1. Pierre Amenoagbadji (Paris, FR), Wave propagation in unbounded quasiperiodic media: the non-absorbing case (abstract)
  2. Olena Atlasiuk (Prague, CZ / Kyiv, UA), Limit theorems for solutions to one-dimensional boundary-value problems in Sobolev spaces (abstract)
  3. Fedor Bakharev (St Petersburg, RU), Spectra of Dirichlet fractional Laplacians in domains with cylindrical outlets to infinity (abstract)
  4. Badreddine Benhellal (Oldenburg, DE), Poincaré-Steklov operators for the MIT bag model (abstract)
  5. Mikhail Cherdantsev (Cardiff, UK), High-contrast random composites: homogenisation framework and new spectral phenomena (abstract)
  6. Vsevolod Chernyshev (Moscow, RU), Asymptotics of the number of endpoints of a random walk on a directed Hamiltonian metric graph (abstract)
  7. Moritz Doll (Bremen, DE), Heat trace asymptotics for the generalized harmonic oscillator on scattering manifolds (abstract)
  8. John Stewart Fabila Carrasco (Edinburgh, UK), Permutation entropy for graphs and the Cartesian graph product (abstract)
  9. Rayan Fahs (Angers, FR), On the semi-classical analysis of Schrödinger operators with linear electric potentials in a bounded domain (abstract)
  10. Daniele Ferretti (Roma, IT), Hamiltonian for a system of N bosons with regularized zero-range interactions (abstract)
  11. Nicolas Frantz (Metz, FR), Scattering theory for some non-self-adjoint operators (abstract)
  12. Fabian Gabel (Hamburg, DE), Finite sections of periodic Schrödinger operators (abstract)
  13. Louis Garrigue (Paris, FR), Homogenization of Schrödinger's operators having oscillating potentials (abstract)
  14. Nataliia Goloshchapova (Sao, Paulo, BR), Spectral instability for NLS equations on metric graphs (abstract)
  15. Stefan Haller (Vienna, AT), Analytic torsion of the Rumin complex on filtered 5-manifolds with growth vector (2,3,5) (abstract)
  16. Michael Hinz (Bielefeld, DE), Boundary value problems on non-Lipschitz uniform domains: Stability, compactness and the existence of optimal shapes (abstract)
  17. Paul Holst (Bremen, DE),  Sharp Gaussian upper bounds for Schrödinger semigroups on the half-line (abstract)
  18. Atsuhide Ishida (Tokyo, JP), Mourre inequality for non-local Schrödinger operators (abstract)
  19. Ayman Kachmar (Beirut, LB), Helical magnetic fields and semi-classical asymptotics of the lowest eigenvalue (abstract)
  20. Illia Karabash (Bonn, DE / Sloviansk, UA), Boundary tuples, m-dissipative Maxwell operators, and applications to Leontovich boundary conditions (abstract)
  21. Joachim Kerner (Hagen, DE), Spectral gaps of Schrödinger operators on domains of increasing volume (abstract)
  22. Andrii Khrabustovskyi (Hradec Kralove, CZ), Spectral properties of the Laplacian on a domain perturbed by small resonators (abstract)
  23. Yuri Latushkin (Missouri, USA), Fredholm determinants, Evans functions and Maslov indices for partial differential equations (abstract)
  24. Fernando Lledó (Madrid, ES), A geometrical construction of isospectral magnetic graphs (abstract)
  25. Vladimir Lotoreichik (Prague, CZ), Isoperimetric inequality for the two-dimensional magnetic Robin Laplacian (abstract)
  26. Volodymyr Mikhailets (Prague, CZ / Kyiv, UA), Self-adjointness of Sturm-Liouville operators with singular coefficients (abstract)
  27. Anna Muranova (Olsztyn, PL), Spectrum of a normalized complex Laplacian on finite electrical networks (abstract)
  28. Kiyan Naderi (Oldenburg, DE), Trace theorems for self-similar trees (abstract)
  29. Paul Pfeiffer (Hagen, DE), Szegő type asymptotics for the three dimensional Landau Hamiltonian (abstract)
  30. Koen Reijnders (Nijmegen, NL), Semiclassical quantization of collective excitations in a spatially inhomogenenous quantum plasma (abstract)
  31. Serge Richard (Nagoya, JP), Scattering theory and an index theorem on the radial part of SL(2,R) (abstract)
  32. Mahran Rihani (Paris, FR), The 3D scalar transmission problem in the presence of a conical tip of negative material (abstract)
  33. Alejandro Rosas Martínez (Paris, FR), Electromagnetic guided waves formed by a slab of metamaterial embedded in the vacuum (abstract)
  34. Christian Rose (Potsdam, DE), Large scale Gaussian upper bounds for heat kernels on graphs with unbounded geometry (abstract)
  35. Elke Rosenberger (Potsdam, DE), The tunneling effect for Schrödinger operators on a vector bundle (abstract)
  36. Tomas Sanz-Perela (Madrid, ES), Confinement models in relativistic quantum mechanics: spectral analysis and shape optimization (abstract)
  37. Albrecht Seelmann (Dortmund, DE), Spectral inequalities with sensor sets of decaying density (abstract)
  38. Marcello Seri (Groningen, NL), Quantum confinement for singular Laplacians and their Weyl asymptotics (abstract)
  39. Selim Sukhtaiev (Auburn, USA),  Asymptotic perturbation theory for extensions of symmetric operators (abstract)
  40. Dinh Thi Nguyen (Lyon, FR), Thomas-Fermi profile of a fast rotating Bose-Einstein condensate (abstract)
  41. Matej Tusek (Prague, CZ),  Approximations of relativistic point and delta-shell interactions by regular potentials (abstract)
  42. Marco Vogel (Oldenburg, DE), Spectral properties of Robin-Laplacians on sharp infinite cones (abstract)
  43. Lech Zielinski (Calais, FR),  Asymptotic behavior of eigenvalues of the quantum Rabi model (abstract)

Further participants

  1. Marius Amann (Freiburg, DE)
  2. Philipp Bartmann (Potsdam, DE)
  3. Matthias Baur (Stuttgart, DE)
  4. Daniel Grieser (Oldenburg, DE)
  5. Martijn Kluitenberg (Groningen, NL)
  6. Julian Kohlisch (Oldenburg, DE)
  7. Elisa Körner (Oldenburg, DE)
  8. Alexander Meiners (Oldenburg, DE)
  9. Germán Miranda (Lund, SE)
  10. Victor Nistor (Metz, FR)
  11. Konstantin Pankrashkin (Oldenburg, DE)
  12. Larry Read (London, UK)
  13. Robbert Scholtens (Groningen, NL)
  14. Ivan Shestakov (Oldenburg, DE)
  15. Dennis Sobotta (Oldenburg, DE)
  16. Wolfgang Spitzer (Hagen, DE)
  17. Hannes Uecker (Oldenburg, DE)
  18. Timon Ruben Weinmann (London, UK)
  19. Mahdi Zreik (Bordeaux/Bilbao, FR/ES)
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