Aquarium Facility

The aquarium facility consists of 40 tropical aquaria with a total operating volume of ca. 5000 L. It is located at the ICBM Terramare in Wilhelmshaven. 30 x 100 L tanks are used for different experimental setups: Long and short term coral experiments, fish feeding assays and chemical ecological experiments with corals, algae or sponges.

Temperature and pH can be controlled individually. All aquaria usually run in a recirculating system although tanks can be run independently if needed.

After using treated North Sea Water for the past 4 years, we switched to artificial seawater (Tropic Marin Reef Mix from Tropic Marin) in May 2017 which our corals enjoy a lot.

The Aquarium is run by Samuel Nietzer with assistance of Mareen Möller, Tessa Clemens and Petra Schwarz.

We woud like to thank Tropic Marin for donating salt to support our research, EcoTech Marine & CoralSands for giving us great discount on the Radion XR15 W G4 Pro LED systems and Klimahaus Bremerhaven for collaboration. We also would like to thank Triton Lab for their very reliable water analyses.

Misc. Pictures from the Aquarium Facilities

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