Sonka Hinders

Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
Promotionsprogramm "Gestalten der Zukunft"
Ammerländer Heerstraße 114-118
26129 Oldenburg

Sonka Hinders


The Nostalgic Future of Reading in Contemporary Literature (Arbeitstitel)


My dissertation aims to investigate how nostalgic representations of reading in contemporary literature conceptualise the future of reading in the face of digital developments. The rise of digital technologies throughout the last decades has led to the prominent discourse that there is a decline in reading, often connected to a loss of humanist values. Contemporary literature engages with this discourse in a way which many scholars label nostalgic. My dissertation views nostalgia as a multimodal phenomenon which can be pessimistic as well as constructive. Nostalgia exemplifies how humans access the past to imagine the future of reading. It can appear on different levels, including textual, material, medial and economic features. Taking these different levels into account, my analysis draws on the intersections of experiencing nostalgia and reading to develop a future model of reading in the context of digitalisation. This model negotiates between different reading practices as well as their cultural and social impact.


seit 10/2021
Stipendiatin im MWK-Promotionsprogramm „Gestalten der Zukunft. Transformation der Gegenwart durch Szenarien der Digitalisierung“ an der Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg

Praktikum in der Musikredaktion von radioeins (rbb)

Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft im Studierendenbüro Anglistik an der Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf

M.A. Comparative Studies in English and American Language, Literature, and Culture an der Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf

Studentische Hilfskraft der Landesanstalt für Medien NRW im Bereich Journalismusförderung

Orientierungstutorin für Erstsemesterstudierende der Anglistik/Amerikanistik an der Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf

Redakteurin, Moderatorin und Musikchefin beim Campussender hochschulradio düsseldorf

B.A. Anglistik/Amerikanistik & Musikwissenschaft an der Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf und der University of Reading, England


Oh, the boy’s a Slack: Erschöpfte Materialität und (post-)digitales Lesen in Calvin Kasulkes Several People Are Typing; Tagung „Literatur am Ende – Putting *Schöpfung* in *Erschöpfung*“, Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg, 16.-18.11.2022

Love Machine Reading: Exploring Human-AI Relations through Reading Practices in I’m Your Man (2021); SLSA-Jahrestagung „Reading Minds: Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, and the Reading Human“, Purdue University, USA, 06.-09.10.2022

ARTificial Intelligence: Anthropology and Art in Ian McEwan’s Machines Like Me; Studierendenkonferenz “Made and Remade Continually”, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf, 28.-29.01.2020


Hinders, Sonka. “(Pod)casting a Bridge: Lolita Podcast and Its Reading Practices.” Current Objectives of Postgraduate American Studies, vol. 23, no. 2, 2023, pp. 64-79, http://dx.doi.org/10.5283/copas.362

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