Abgeschlossene Arbeiten des Jahres 2014

The Late Holocene Development of the Magilligan Foreland, Northern Ireland. Insights from GPR-Surveys and Sedimentological Data
(Bachelorarbeit Kirstin Surmann, Juli 2014)

Bachelorstudiengang: Umweltwissenschaften, 64 Seiten (Erstgutachter)

The main aim of this thesis is to delve deeper to explore the late Holocene development of the Magilligan Foreland, especially to understand the geomorphology of the beach ridge plain. For that reason a detailed analysis of the southerly area of the Magilligan beach ridge plain near the town Glebe was carried out. Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) analyses were used to visualize the shallow subsurface structure of the beach ridges. The radar reflection profiles show northwards dipping structures, interpreted as beach ridge facies. Similar structures with a much lower angle could be identified in three geological outcrops along the western shoreline of Magilligan. This confirms that the Foreland developed from the South and prograded northwards parallel to the basalt escarpment of Binevenagh. Grain size analyses and outcrop descriptions have revealed the possible boundary between beach ridge sediment and dune sand. Several buried soil horizons with a small Shell layer on top indicate marine influence and changes in landscape process. The appearance of well-rounded pebbles along the beach might be the Giant's grave mentioned by Carter (1982) or just marine or fluvial deposit. The development of the beach ridge plain helps greatly to understand the past environments and landscape processes as well as late Holocene sea level changes.

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