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Resistance. Subjects, Representations, Contexts


November 6-8, 2014

6. November 2014 [13.30 – 19.00h]

13.30-14.00h     Introductory Remarks: Martin Butler/Paul Mecheril (Oldenburg)
Lecture Hall 1


14.00-15.00h     Opening Plenary Lecture:
Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak (New York):  “What is it to Resist?” (Chair: Martin Butler)
Lecture Hall 1

15.00-15.30h     Coffee break

15.30-19.00h     FORUM I: Subjects of Resistance

Section I.a) Doing Gender and Resistance (Chair: Kathrin Peters, Berlin)

Lecture Hall 2

1.     Ann Phoenix (London): “Hegemonial and Other Forms of Masculinity in Movements of Resistance”

2.     Olga Sasunkevich (Greifswald): “Informal Economy as a Form of Daily Life Resistance: Experience of Female Cross-Border Traders in Belarus

3.    Cornelia Möser (Berlin): “The Feminist ‘Sex Wars’: Resisting the Resistance”

16.45-17.15h     Coffee break

4.     Ulrike Lingen-Ali (Oldenburg): “Resistant Identities – Contradictions, Continuities and Capabilities: Dimensions of Self-Perceptions of Migrant Lone/Single Mothers in Germany”


Section I.b) Resistance as a Form of Subjectivation (Chair: Lydia Potts, Oldenburg)

Club Room 1

1.     Maria do Mar Castro Varela (Berlin): “The Subject of Resistance: A Postcolonial Critique”

2.     Sumitra Thoidingjam (New Dehli): “The Body as Battleground: Resistance in Myanmar and Manipur”

3.     Clemens Pfeffer (Vienna): “Resistance in the Metropolis: The Formation of a Transnational Anticolonial Subjectivity”  

16.45-17.15h     Coffee break

4.     Lisa Vollmer (Berlin): “Awareness of Difference and a Sense of Collectivity: The Making of Political Subjects in Tenant Protest in Berlin and New York”

Section I.c) ‘The Multitude’ and the Collective Will for Opposition (Chair: Rainer Winter, Klagenfurt)

Club Room 2

1.     Alex Demirovic (Berlin): “Why the ‘Multitude’ is Not Enough”

2.    Jérôme Beauchez (Saint-Etienne): “Everyday Resistance: A Cultural Sociology”

4.     Safiye Yıldız (Tübingen): “Structured Silence and Articulated Resistance: Politicization of Education and Educational Resistance”

16.45-17.15h     Coffee break


Section I.d) Organic Intellectuals? (Chair: Martin Butler, Oldenburg)

Seminar Room 2

1.     Nikita Dhawan (Frankfurt a.M.): “The Death of Leviathan: Radical Politics and State-Phobia

2.     Monica van der Haagen-Wulff (Köln): “Infiltrating the Domestic Fortress: The Resistance of Mas Marco Kartodikromo”

3.     Magdalena Knappik (Vienna): “Resistance as ‘Enabling Authorship’: Writing at School as Subjectivation”

Coffee break (16.45-17.15)

4.     Katrin Gengenbach (Berlin): “The Spectre of Social Noise as Signifier for Protest and Resistance in Japan”


21:00h   Evening Program: Film Screening: Cultures of Resistance at Casablanca Art House Cinema


7 November 2014 [8.45-18.15h]


08.30-9.30h       Plenary Lecture:
Peter McLaren (Los Angeles): “Revolutionary Critical Pedagogy Against Austerity Capitalism. The Challenge Ahead” (Chair: Paul Mecheril)
Lecture Hall 1

9.30-13.15h      FORUM II: Representations of Resistance

Section II.a) Aesthetics of Resistance (Chair: Gun-Britt Kohler, Oldenburg)

Lecture Hall 2

1.     Jens Martin Gurr (Duisburg-Essen): “‘All those who knew the term ‘gentrification’ are part of the problem’: Self-reflexivity in Urban Activism and Cultural Production”

2.     Frauke Surmann (Berlin): “Staging Complicity: The Mask as Participatory Medium in Contemporary Protest Movements”

3.     Andrew Seeger (Montgomery, AL): “‘Resistance is Futile’ … or is Futility the New Resistance? Mixed Messages in the Media”

11.15-11.30h     Coffee break

4.     Naglaa Hassan (Fayoum): Power and Resistance in Selected Novels by Julia Alvarez

5.     Thomas Ernst (Duisburg-Essen): “Literature as Subversion: Potentials and Aporias of Contemporary Political Writing”

6.     Alexander Greiffenstern (Duisburg-Essen): “‘Storm the Reality Show. And retake the universe’: Forms of Resistance in William S. Burroughs’ Nova Express


Section II.b) Resisting Media, Resisting Genres (Chair: Rahel Puffert, Oldenburg)

Club Room 2

1.     Kathrin Peters (Berlin): “Oppositional Images, Images of Opposition: Forms of Visual Resistance”

2.     Jajati Keshari Pradhan (Kharagpur): “Testimonial Life Writing and/as Resistance: Genre, Subaltern Violence and Ethics of Living”

3.     Sören Koopmann (Oldenburg): “Resistance, Conspiracy Theory, and Science”

Coffee break (11.15-11.30h)

4.     Daniel Sip (Oldenburg): “Depicting ‘Resisting Sources’ under Torture in US-American TV-Series after 9/11”

5.     Gönül Demez (Antalya): “The New Street of Resistance: Residents of Social Media”

Section II.c) Remembering Resistance: Icons, Myths, and the Politics of Cultural Memory (Chair: Ulrike Lingen-Ali, Oldenburg)

Club Room 1

1.     Stephanie Wodianka (Rostock): “Origin and Innocence: Esthetics of Resistance in European Memory Cultures after 1945”

2.     Elisabeth Hoffmann (Luxemburg/Straßburg): “Remembering Second World War ‘Resistance’ in Luxembourg: A Kaleidoscope of Myths and Silences”

3.     Miriam Schumacher (Oldenburg): “The Narrated Nation: Literary Representations of Resistance against National Socialism in (Western) Germany after 1945”

11.15-11.30h     Coffee break

4.     Anna Langenbruch (Oldenburg): “‘Wer schreibt die Geschichte?’ Staging Resistance in 1970’s Rock Opera”

5.     Mahmoud Al-Zayed (New Delhi): “From ‘History to Myth’ and ‘Myth to History’: Re/presenting ‘Resistance’ in Cross-Cultural Modes”


Section II.d) (Popular) Culture and/as Resistance: Positions and Positionings (Chair: Thomas Geier, Karlsruhe)

Seminar Room 5

1.     Kaspar Maase (Tübingen): “Appropriations of Resistance in the Study of Popular Culture”

2.     Anton Kirchhofer (Oldenburg): “Resisting Resistance as ‘Prefering Not To’: Concepts and Tensions of Resistance and Participation in Literary and Cultural Studies”

3.    Malte Ebner von Eschenbach (Potsdam): “Decomposing Categorical Assumptions by ‘Epistemic Resistance’”: Approximations to a Relational

13.15-15.00h     Lunch break

4.     Cihan Ertan (Antalya): “Embodied Resistance: Tattoo as a Popular Culture Text”

15.00-18.30h     FORUM III: Contexts of Resistance (inkl. 15 Min. Pause, flexibel einsetzbar)

Section III.a) School (Chair: Christine Riegel, Freiburg)

Club Room 2

1.     Anke Wischmann & Valerie Tacke (Lüneburg): “Resisting Homogenization in Subject Lessons in Primary Education: A Critical Ethnographic Perspective”

2.     Cristina Alarcón (Berlin): “The Avant-garde of Resistance? Discourses, Principles and Practices of High-School Student Protest in Chile (2006-2013)”

3.    Rachel Ramsay & Natalie Roxburgh (Oldenburg), Natalie Roxburgh (Oldenburg): “Critical Resistance in the Academic English Classroom”

16.45-17.00h     Coffee break

4.     Inci Dirim & Natascha Khakpour (Vienna): “Including Multilingualism: A Strategy Against the Normative Violence of the German Language?”

Section III.b) Streets and Squares (Chair: Jens Gurr, Duisburg-Essen)

Seminar Room 5

1.     Kemal Inal (Ankara): “Reclaiming the City: Reasons, Agents and Forms of Resistance in Urban Contexts”

2.     Ulaş Başar Gezgin, Welat Ay & Kemal İnal (Istanbul): “Gezi Resistance as a Transformational Educational Milestone: Urban Movements and Revolutionary Critical Education”

3.     Ulrike Hamann (Düsseldorf): “On Social Rights for Marginalized Groups in Urban Protest Movements”

16.45-17.00h     Coffee break

4.     Terence Renaud (Berkeley): “Going Underground: The Resistance of Neu Beginnen as the Deconstruction of Public Space, 1929-35”

5.     Philip Wallmeier (Frankfurt/Main): “Ecovillages as Places of Resistance: Constructing Subjectivities in Intentional Communities”


Section III.c) Borderlands (Chair: Monica van der Haagen-Wulff, Köln)

Club Room 1

1.     Sabine Hess (Göttingen): “On Borderland Resistance and Regimes of Migration”

2.     Konrad Linke (Jena): “Resistance at the Borderlands and the (Im)Possibilities of Resistance in a Liberal Democratic State”

3.     Lisa Doppler (Berlin): “Knowledge and Resistance: Marcuse in Dialogue with the Refugee Strike”

16.45-17.00h     Coffee break

4.     Stephan Schlickau, Karsten Senkbeil & Vasco da Silva (Hildesheim): “‘Talking Resistance' in German/Southern African Intercultural Communication

Section III.d) Movements, Campaigns, Unions (Chair: Annette Sprung, Graz)

Lecture Hall 2

1.   Rainer Winter (Klagenfurt): “Resistance, Digital Activism and the Emergence of the Political”

2.    Oleksandr Svyetlov (Kyiv/Riga): “Anti-Regime Protest in post-Soviet Ukraine”

3.    Raluca Bejan (Toronto): “United We Save: The Story of Global Mobilizing in Solidarity with the Rosia Montana Campaign”

16.45-17.00h     Coffee break

4.    Philipp Altmann (Berlin): “The Self-Construction of Indigenous Peoples in Ecuador as Actors of Decolonial Resistance”

5.    Olaf Tietje (Kassel): “Trade Unions and Resistance: Processes of Exploitation between Greenhouses and Packing Plants within the Agricultural Borderland of the EU”

6.    Bogdan Vasii (Roskilde): “Terrains of Unionism in Egypt: Navigating Scalar Processes in Workshops on Trade Union Work”


20:00h   Evening Program: Tania Bruguera (New York) “Artivism” (tbc) Lecture Hall 1


8 November 2014 [9-17h]

10.00-11.00h     Roundtable Discussion: On Cultures of Resistance (and beyond) Peter McLaren, Rainer Winter, Tania Bruguera, (Chair: Martin Butler) Lecture Hall 1                      

11.00-11.30h     Coffee break

11.30-12.30h     Plenary Lecture: Micha Brumlik (Berlin) “Remembering Resistance” Lecture Hall 1

12.30-13.15h     Observations and Remarks: Diana Mulinari (Lund) and Anders Neergaard (Linköping)

13.15-14.30h     Lunch break

14.30-17.30h     PhD-Workshops

Workshop 1: Researching Resistance: Methodological Questions (Paul Mecheril, Oldenburg) Club Room 1

Mahmoud Al-Zayed

Sumitra Thoidingjam

Philip Wallmeier

Elisabeth Hoffmann

Workshop 2: Researching Resistance: Theoretical References (Rainer Winter, Klagenfurt) Club Room 2

Natascha Khakpour

Constantijn Smith

Bogdan Vasii

Workshop 3: Researching Resistance: Who benefits? And how? (Jens-Martin Gurr, Duisburg-Essen) Seminar Room 5

Buket Dabancali

Aylin Zafer

Felix Anderl

Workshop 4: Research and Resistance – Entangled Collaboration? (Martin Butler, Oldenburg) Seminar Room 6

Lisa Doppler

Malte Kleinschmidt

17.30h              End of Conference

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