Symposium 4: Neuropharmacology

13.45-15.15 Uhr

Vorsitz: Prof. Dr. C. Thiel; Oldenburg

Prof. Dr. C. Thiel; Oldenburg

The pharmacological modulation of attention in the healthy brain and after stroke
Dr. S. Vossel; Juelich

The analysis of complex brain networks as new biomarker for drug effects
Dr. C. Giessing; Oldenburg

Pharmacological modulation of stroke recovery – insights from neuroimaging
Prof. Dr. C. Grefkes; Köln

Reducing the “foreign body reaction” of chronic implants by acute intracranial treatments in rats
Linda Hayn; Bremen

Precise dissection of the functional role of neurotransmitter systems by optogenetic manipulation
Prof. Dr. J. Hildebrandt; Oldenburg

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