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Tuition fees

Fees for European students

The semester fees in Oldenburg:

  • The fee for each semester includes the semester ticket and administrative costs
  • The fee is 394,01 € per semester (2022/2023) and has to be paid each semester
  • Note: the fee is subject to change and will be set for each semester
  • For further information, please see Semester contributions

The fees in Groningen are different:

Fees for non-European students

The fees in Oldenburg are the same for EU and non-EU students.

Please note that the fees in Groningen are different for international students outside the EU:

  • The fee is 16,201€ per year (2022/2023)
  • The fee is paid prior to the start of the academic year in Groningen

Please check the Groningen Tuition Fees for International Students for more information.

(Stand: 07.06.2022)