Admission Regulation

How to enrol

When to apply:

If you have decided to study the programme, you are strongly advised to apply until 15 July of each year. Applications can be accepted up until 30 September. Though, the earlier you submit your applications, the earlier we can review them. If the supporting documents are submitted after these dates but before the standard application deadlines, your application can only be processed at the start of the lecture period in the new semester.

The programme only starts in autumn (winter term).

We need from all applicants:

  1. Bachelor Degree
  2. Tabular listing of fitting experience
  3. Letter of motivation
  4. English Certificate
  5. Other certificates or qualifications possible

For more information please download the admission regulations.

The Master programme is "non-consecutive". This means you do not need a special bachelor's degree, but you should be able to explain your special interests for the programme.

Where to send the application:

Questions regarding enrolment and application:

  • Any questions about deadline, necessary documents or enrolment in general can be directed at Patricia Gierga (patxdd/9ricia.gwcbierga@uol.deeb1mm)
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