Admission Regulation

Proove of English Language Skills


Application deadline

For holders of a German university degree:

To apply directly to the university, applications open on 1 June and close on 30 September. 

For holders of a foreign university degree:

Applications via uni-assist open (latest) on 1 May. We strongly recommend, to submit your documents by 15 June to ensure that the university receives your documents from uni-assist in time for the selection procedure. If the supporting documents are submitted after the 15 June but before the standard application deadline (30 September), it is possible that a decision on your applications may not be made until the beginning of the semester.

The programme only starts in autumn (winter term).

Application documents

Mandatory qualifications / documents:

  1. Bachelor’s or equivalent degree and transcript of records
  2. Proof of English language proficiency
  3. Other certificates or qualifications possible

Documents that can be submitted voluntarily, but are highly welcomed:

  1. CV;
  2. Letter of motivation;
  3. Tabular listing of fitting experience;
  4. Letter of recommendation

For more information please download the admission regulations.

The Master's programme is non-consecutive, meaning that you do not need a particular Bachelor's degree for admission. Yet, your Bachelor’s or equivalent degree should be in a scientific or interdisciplinary, environmental science-oriented programme, with scientific, economic and/or geographical-spatial planning components, or in another appropriate prior degree programme. You should be able to explain your interests in the WCM programme.

Please note that Water and Coastal Management is a Master of Science and not a Master of Engineering.

Where to send the application:

Questions regarding enrolment and application:

  • Any questions about deadline, necessary documents or enrolment in general can be directed at Patricia Gierga (<span>patriciodiuwa.gieyprga@uol.de9v5m</seqpanvqiqr> (patricixfia.gpgdierga@uol.xydeedyup)).
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