Two semesters in Groningen

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Two semesters in Groningen

During the second academic year in Groningen you will attend courses covering Environmental Planning, Water Quality and International Comparative Planning Research and Practice. Since Water and Coastal Management is a Double-Degree-Programme, you will attend mostly mandatory modules from the MSc Environmental and Infrastructure Planning. Thus, the second year is structured differently from the first year and is highly focused on planning.

Detailed module descriptions can be found in the Online Course Catalog of the University of Groningen.

  • Fieldwork Water Quality (5 EC)
  • Comparative Research and Planning Practice (5 EC)
  • Planning Theory (5 EC)
  • EIP Interactive Workshop (5 EC)
  • Master Thesis: Water/coastal topic (20 EC)
  • Electives 1: Planning Methods and Evaluation or Programme Management (Dutch) or Elective (5 EC)
  • Reinventing Environmental Planning (5 EC)
  • Transitions in Water Management (5 EC)
  • Dilemmas in Infrastructure Planning (5 EC)
  • Electives 2: Coalition Planning or Elective (5 EC, optional)


For more information and details about DDM WCM in Groningen (including study program) please see Faculty of Spatial Sciences website.

An overview about the modules and lectures can be found below.

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