Other master modules in Oldenburg

Other master modules in Oldenburg

Interesting modules from other master programs in Oldenburg

You always have the possibility to choose modules with 12CP (see Examination regulations) from other master programs or offers from different universities. The list below shows you some options.

Master Cluster

The Water and Coastal Management study program is also part of the Master Cluster at the University of Oldenburg. Here are lots of possibilities to study modules from other master programs.

COAST coordinates and arranges various degree programmes combined in the Master Cluster. A wide range of master courses are available to applicants who are interested in multidisciplinary education in the field of sustainability sciences. Students enrolled in one of the following master programmes can select diverse modules from different academic directions.

Exemplary list of possible modules from other degree programmes at the University of Oldenburg*

*or another university on the basis of existing cooperation agreements

European Virtual Seminar on Sustainable Development (EVS)

The European Virtual Seminar on Sustainable Development (EVS): An international, multidisciplinary endeavour of geographically distributed students.

For more information visit: www.ou.nl/evs

Thomas Klenke (thomas.klenke@uol.de)
Leena Karrasch (leena.karrasch@uol.de)
University of Oldenburg COAST – Centre for Environment and Sustainability Research

Landscape Ecology (LÖK)

  • lök130 – Umwelplanung 
  • lök230 – Aquatic Ecology 
  • bio675 - Moleculare Ökologie

Marine Environmental Science (MUWI)

  • mar458 - Gewässerökologie
  • mar436 - Marine Grenzflächen
  • mar356 - Ozean-Klima-Umweltphysik
  • mar367 - Ozeanmodelle
  • mar477 - Science and Society
  • mar461 - Functional marine biodiversity 
  • mar600 - Profile Module Methods in Aquatic Microbial Ecology
  • mar500 - Physiology and diversity of microorganisms
  • mar359 - Biologische Ozeanographie
  • mar475 - Ocean Governance and Policy

Sustainability Economics and Management (SEM)

  • wir809 - Ökonometrie
  • wir938 - Eco-Venturing
  • wir911 - Advanced Topics of Sustainability Economics
  • wir831 - Corporate Social Responsibility

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